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hello everyone welcome to babagaru.com
in this blog we are here to reveal the best mixer grinder for domestic and commercial purpose.
many people think that the wattage of the mixer grinder depends upon the strength of the grinder but that is not the only thing.
the body of the grinder,jars and blades of the jars must have the strength to make the grinder durable for a long run.

On the top of top of the list there are 3 mixer grinder’s that make the kitchen complete and happier.

1) usha speed master 500w mixer grinder
usha speed master 500w mixer grinder

this comes with 3 jars with a exhaust motor and sharp blades.this can be commonly used for domestic purpose and it can be also used for a family of 8 to 10 members.
WARRANTY of this product is 2 years on total product that is 2 years of total mechanism including blades,carbon and bush,switch,trip switch etc.. and 5 years completely on motor which is guarantee on motor which the company technician will replace if the motor is not working by any reason.
2) pigeon orb 750w mixer grinder
pigeon orb 750w mixer grinder

This is a super duty mixer grinder which can be used both in domestic as well as commercial purpose.
with 750watts of motor at this price point is very great.this grinder have the same 3 jars which are quite heavier than the usual jars and the colour of the mixer grinder shows that this can perform in every heavy task of the kitchen like the hulk.
you won’t get any colour options but this would be the great choice for your house and for hotels.
this can be used for a load of 8 to 14 members of family or a small hotel in towns.

3)butterfly cyclone mixer grinder 750w
butterfly cyclone mixer grinder 750watts

this is again a super working mixer grinder with 750watts of motor and 3 heavy jar’s.
the name of this grinder shows that this would be a great machine for your house and hotel.
this comes with 2 colours red and blue.the motor is quite heavy and the jars are hard and shiny.
this comes with a different coupler.

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